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So thats where my D4 went....

pyramids are the best shape for packing

I think these guys must be gamers....


First Post this YEAR!

Well that was a shocker - this will be my first post on my LJ this year...

Well I've decided that i have too many ideas and projects in my head at the moment, and I’m constantly shifting between them and getting nothing done. So I'm going to de-clutter my brain and kill off some of my projects...

On other projects I'm hopefully going to ramp up and start actually doing stuff, but as Liz pointed out – I really need some people to bounce ideas off to get going. So looks like my first project is to identify the victims er potential Muses or is that Musi?

Google Wave Invites

I have 20 google wave invites to give away, whilst these may not get you an account in straight away, they will help.

So who wants one?

The Year: 2000 i

Nothing really amazing to post, but I haven't done is such a while I thought I'd post a request and an info byte.

So first off a few of my friends down here have had a bad year so far, they have decided that 2008-2009 has been such a bad year for them that they no longer want to live in it...
so both of them have moved in to the year 2000 & i, as in 'i' the algebraic notation for the imaginary number. Both are now incredibly upbeat about life and have started to sort out things that they are going to do in 2000 & i. It's quite infectious Liz and I have even discussed moving in to 2000 & i as well, just to test the waters of this new imaginary year...
we'll post on how this goes if we do it.

secondly I've just finished a 10 day free pass for playing WOW again, now i used to play this a long time ago, and stopped playing when I emigrated nearly 3.5 years ago. I had until then spent a long time playing and had reached the pinnacle of the game at that point, but with the free pass I not only visited places that I had not seen in a while, bring back real memories of playing with my friends in these locations that i thought that i might like to start this again.

one thing I did notice is that my old account is still there, with all its characters as well.
But with the expansions my account is out of date, I need to upgrade to 'Wrath of the Lich King'
which is all well and good, but the only ones i can get down here are for the US version.

So the request is does anyone have a Wrath of the Lich King activation code that
1, they are not using
2, is a UK version
3, don''t mind me using...

cheers all
Hope to see you all in 2000 & i soon.

The Guild...

"The Guild" recently they produced a music video...
Read more...Collapse )

if you like web serials and are in to MMORPGS, especially WOW, check out series 1 and 2 at the http://www.watchtheguild.com/
Careful - 2d100 SAN LOSS below


So there I was basking in the fact that I managed to get through one of Wu's friends parties with nary a scratch, and only with a mild sore throat... but in just under 5 hours my throat had swelled to the size of a small grapefruit, it looked like i had possible mumps, but not at the sides of my head, where one would normally find mumps, but a single swelling in the middling of my neck. still only a sore throat and felt poorly. bed, pain killers and see the doctor in the morning, damn a Sunday... managed to get through Sunday ok, swelling had not turned in to much more, and the sore throat was still there, but not feeling any better...

Monday morning, which was the Queens birthday (a bank holiday here), I finally said that we need to check it out in case it was mumps and Liz or I would fight to see which on of us would have to stay off work to look after the kids, if it was...

local hospital saw me after only and hour and half wait, send me home with some oral antibiotics with a come see us in a couple of days if it gets worse... it did.

Tuesday morning, it had swollen up to the width of my face, a hard swelling, massive back to the local hospital and they suggested that I go to A&E in Wellington, so of to A&E we go, this is now late at night as the wait in local hospital and the wait in A&E in Wellington I get called in and have to say goodbye to liz as she needs to get the girls back home to bed, I can catch a train and a taxi and get back home when they are finished with me.

So as I wait for the ENT doc to come down and see me, sitting in a cozy cubicle all of my own in A&E feeling like a cheat as i have a swelling on my neck and some of these poor guys have been in crashes... any way the A&E doc sees me and says that I need an ultrasound and takes bloods via a cannula and starts me on stat antibiotics...

later ENT doc states that they need to keep me in and I have to stay overnight for the ultrasound, I contact Liz and we'll manage, but it looks like they will sort me out and i should be out of there the next day.

An ambulance turns up, (funny that) and I'm moved from the cozy cubical out to the main area around the nurses station, right next to the automatic door that leads from A&E to the A&E emergency x-ray section, where with 4 other patients, we lie on gurney trolleys, not real hospital beds, just the small trolleys... where i wait, and wait, and realise that this is it, there are no beds in the brand new hospital they just built due to the fact that they built it with less beds than the old one and even if they did open up the unused beds, they don't have the staff to man them... so a sleepless night, of swush - rumble - scream - swush...
But its ok, I'll have the ultrasound, as the doc said its been booked! and I'll be home for Wu's 4th Birthday!

Wednesday, Wu's birthday, I wait on my trolly, for a bed, or better still an ultrasound, and possibly a needle up in to the swelling mass in my neck.. but no there seems to be some error about the ultrasound, yes its been booked, no it's not be confirmed by the doctor, that I need it!!!??? wtf? So I'm strapped down with IV antibiotics and pain killers the size of horse tranqs, and I miss most of my daughters 4th birthday.. luckily Liz being the clever woman that she is has already booked the time off and Wu didn't go to day care, and they manage to come and see me, just as I get a room in the short stay ward.. we make balloons out of "doctors gloves" and draw faces on them... but still no ultrasound, the doc's have called in the dentists to see if they know what it is?, they come in look in my mouth, do a couple of prods and say its nothing to do with your mouth, and to be sure we'll book you in for a x ray tomorrow afternoon, and they leave... 2 hours later i have a confirmed booking with the dentists at 2pm Thursday

Thursday, after kicking up a fuss yesterday, Liz, The ENT doc and I have managed to book and get confirmed a ultrasound for today 9:30, so off i trundle once again to a different department, X-ray (not to be confused with emergency x-ray - normal x-ray only works 9-5) I'm brought with liz to a slightly enlarged corridor.. there left by the porter, no one around, no reception, no nurses nobody... Liz and I peer through the windows of various rooms, and call out after about 5 mins a person come out and asks us what the matter is... What the matter is WTF!, any way, eventually I get my ultrasound, they can't see what caused the swelling there is a tiny abscess forming, but nothing more. We trundle back to the short stay unit, to find my bed gone, my belongings gone, nothing of my presence there, I'd been moved to a side room, with another Brit, called Matthew with a similar neck swelling...

luckily word had got out that I was in serious need of some camaraderie and compassion, luckily Horst and Andrew managed to pop in for a little while before the hospital vibe finally got to Andrew and he had to leave, they seriously freak him out! New Senior ENT doc comes to see me and explains all the fuck up and apologises for them unreservedly! great but I missed my daughters 4th Birthday!

Later Liz arrives with the girls and we head out to the in-hospital cafe, luckily this happens to be a proper company - wishbone - so decent food and coffee, well loads better than the hospital food at least. whilst there, Furgus wanders up and we have a good time chatting, as Wu and Rory go all shy and hide...

later they give me different antibiotics as I'm not responding to treatment, so they try me on Augmentin - within an hour, I'm itching all over.. quick phone call to the doc's from the nurses and I'm immediately off that antibiotic and on something old and trusted, but broad spectrum and will hit my body like a sledgehammer!

Friday - they have decided that it isn't the potentially fatal neck swelling disease they happened to mention on their ward round earlier, but I will be going in to surgery today, so they can have a good rummage around and find out what's happening. So I'm trollied off to the theatre where I'm met by a gaggle of geriatric theatre nurses, and another Brit anaesthetist... who gases me, 1, 2 I'm out blackness...

I awake with a nappy stuck to my neck, and they tell me that it had become a massive abscess and that they had to insert a 6cm drainage pipe in my neck, only the last 1cm shows outside my neck... and that they managed to drain 80mL of puss out of my neck... they still don't know what it is, but want me to comeback in 3 months when healed so they can ultrasound me again and do more tests...

Saturday - more meds and IV antibiotics, feeling much better, even with the neck nappy-like dressing. I was given a pass so I could attend Wu's birthday party, which was excellent, high as a kite on pain killers, with a cannula in my arm as I play and entertain 20 3 to 4 year olds and their parents...but had to be back by 4pm for my next bout of IV antibiotics...
So I had to leave Liz and the party just near the end, so managed to get out of the cleaning up... at least this illness was good for something.
I was very glad to hear that friends stayed after and helped clean up with Liz...

Sunday, a good sleep in a bed, last of the IV meds, and a discharge with a small pharmacopoeia... then home to be with my family, free at last....

a week to recover, whilst I look after a sick Rory as well.... ah the joys of surgery and parenthood


I am home!

I'm home! alive and in one piece, a little bit broken and sore, but glad to be here....
more will follow when I catch up on body mass, sleep and sanity...


Balloon Animals

You may or may not have seen this ad for Durex....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lVcA606XMA Possibly not safe for work, and is enhanced by sound.

I thought it funny


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